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What is Mojo’s Collections?

Mojo’s Collections is a collection of the quirky and fun things you can find on the internet. The kind of stuff you will find here are most often handmade. They may be sold by marketplace shop owners operating using platforms like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon Handmade.

Mojo’s Collections started out on Facebook, reaching out to groups and niche’s with stunning linked images from the selling platforms mentioned above.

Rather than using Social media to support a blog, this blog is a support platform for our social media influence. 

Why social media? Because that’s where all the people hang out these days.

Affiliate Disclouser: Mojo’s Collections website contains affiliate links throughout. We may earn a comision on qualifying purchases.

The Blog and The Shop.

Mojo’s Collections is made up into two main sections. The first section is the blog where we highlight colections of great quearky stuff. The second section is our affiliate shop where you can brows prodcts and use the affiliated links to vist their sales platforms at your convieneance. A bit like an Argoss catolog for geeks.

Handmade Industrial:Steampunk table lamp with Boiler and Gauge Detail 1

Latest products added to the shop.

These are just the latest products shared to Mojo’s Collections affiliate Shop.

Pirate Eye Patch - Steampunk Mask - Halloween Costume - Masquerade Ball - Cosplay Armour - Metal Eye Wear - Festival Jewellery - Eye Armor 4

MojoCollections Blog.

  • Victorian Period Steampunk Costumes by Natalia Zinkevych.
    Natalia Zinkevych has been making historical period and fantasy costume since 2010… In this post, I am going to share some of Natalia’s amazing costumes from her Victorian Collection.
  • A Steampunk Art collection from Blue Bright Star.
    Blue Bright Star is a shop run on Etsy by Kit Leighton where Kit sells Contemporary fine art photography prints and wall art. In this image post I am going to share some art prints from Kit’s Steampunk range.
  • Steampunk Octopus Art Collection.
    Undoubtedly, the octopus has become a symbol of “The Steampunk Culture Revolution”. It pops up everywhere, from Steampunk fashion and Jewellery to Steampunk Art…
  • Mothers Day Gift Ideas For A Steampunk Mumma!
    So your mum is into Steampunk, and you are not sure what is out there that would delight and wow her. That is where this “Mothers Day Gift Ideas For A Steampunk Mumma” comes into its own.
  • Red Military Style Steampunk Waistcoat.
    Made to order fitted waistcoat with gold trim and brass buttons in red…
  • Larger than life Sculptures by Tom Samui.
    The artist, Tom Samui upcycles scrap parts from Cars and motorcycles and makes these beautiful ginormous sculptures. Tom and his colleagues have developed their talents […]