Tinktopia: A collection of tiny robots.

“The Tinktopians are a community of robots, living hidden right here on earth, or at least, in the head of designer-maker Beth Applebey.”

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“Tinktopia is the robot world, hidden on earth.
Robots use discarded metals and parts of themselves to create their offspring. 
Robots are often named after their function or personality traits, also after metals and tools.”

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Sit back and enjoy The tiny robots collection.

Buz, the scavenger-bot.

Buz the scavenger-bot steampunk

Buz is a scavanger-bot. He collects ‘stuff’ to recreate other robots, tools and gadgets. He’s delighted at the bits and bobs he’s found.

Bob the Guitar Robot.

Bob the Guitar Robot.

“Bob is a music-Bot. He’s incredible chirpy and loves to seranade you with his unique robot-guitar stylings!”

Dog Walker Robot.

Dog Walker Robot.

“Robots tend to name their offspring after pieces of metals, tools, or just sounds (or that is how it appears). Some of the ‘worker bots’ are also named after their purpose.”

Dust: Dancing tribal robot.

Dust: Dancing tribal robot.

“Dust is very old and wise absolutely loves a good dance. For these reasons, he is regarded by the Tinktopians as a sort of living deity.”

Rudi The Rude Girl Ska Robot.

Rudi the ska dancing robot.

“Rudi is about 3 inches tall. She loves 60’s music, Ska and dancing. She’s a very stylish bot and the Tinktopians took great care to give her a hair cut and outfit she could be proud of.”

Daze: The Fairy Robot.

Daze: The Fairy Robot.

Daze loves a good party, although she has a tendency to be a little stroppy the next day!

She loves to dance (as do all robots) but is also a keen nature lover.
Having said that, she prefers to sit on your shelf where it’s nice and warm.

Auntie Robot.

Auntie Robot

Auntie is a tribal elder. She is very very old. Like all Tinktopian Elders, it is her duty to pass down the old Tinktopian story of their creator, The Hammer (All hail The Hammer).

Hope you have enjoyed our little collection of tiny bots. There are over 60 more to brows on Tinktopia’s shop page on Etsy.

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