The vibrant world of art from Jeff Aubuchon.

Jeff Aubuchon the Massachusetts artist’s work can bee found hanging in homes, offices and other places across the whole of the united states, and who knows elsewhere.

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Jeff’s artistic career began in his childhood with pencil drawings on paper. As the years past he progressed through other mediums including painting with oils, murals and sculpture. Evan Stop motion animation. Today he focuses on oil painting as his mechanism of preference.

This article on the art of Jeff Aubuchon features current works being exhibited in his Etsy Shop, “Jeff Aubuchon Art“. Currently, at the time of writing this article, there are Thirty-nine original oil paintings and thirty-four Art prints of previous works and commissions. Some of his oils are also available as a limited print.

I love Jeff’s work as it is so vibrant and colourful. His subject material, as unique as it looks and feels, also has past the test of time. With his cinema fan art and character parodies to boot. Take his rendition of “Edward Scissorhands“, or the “Holiday Last Supper” as an example.

Please don’t hesitate to go back and click on a link or image, to get a closer look and get more info on individual paintings.

The vibrant world of art from Jeff Aubuchon.

The Pond.

(Fairy Pond).

Fairy Pond, gift for tree lover,lake house decor The vibrant world of art from Jeff Aubuchon.

The Mummy.

the mummy, Man gifts, gothic deco

The Tree House.

(Hobbit House)

Hobbit house, tiny house decor,12x16 tree house

Infra Red Riding Hood.

(Infrared Riddinghood).

Pile Of Troopers.

Star Wars Storm Trooper sci-fi wall art.

A Pile Of Troopers. Stay Wars wall art by Jeff Aubuchon.

Plague Doctor Rain.

Plague Doctor Rain The vibrant world of art from Jeff Aubuchon.


GTO reed car

Unearthed Overtures.

Nautical decor, Unearthed Overtures

(The) Holiday Last Supper.

(The) Holiday Last Supper
Holiday Last Supper closeup
holiday last super 3 closeup


Wizard of Oz.

Wizard of Oz ,18x24,  Dorothy The vibrant world of art from Jeff Aubuchon.

The Shining.

The shining, movie theater decor, horror theme by Jeff Aubuchon.

Bone Men Brewery.

Bone Men Brewery  by Jeff Aubuchon.

Edward Scissorhands.

Edward Scissorhands  by Jeff Aubuchon.

 Time Machine.


steampunk  Time Machine by Jeff Aubuchon.

Country Guitar.

Country Guitar by Jeff Aubuchon.

Well, this concludes our little exhibition of Jeff Aubuchon works as seen on Etsy. As mentioned, this is just some of his current original works on oil. For a much more affordable alternative, Jef has also made some of his works available as limited edition art prints.

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