secret santa gift guid

The Personal Secret Santa Gift Guide.

The Personal Secret Santa Gift Guide.

The Christmas Holiday is a time of joy and happiness. Well, that’s the way the story goes. Anyway, all those lovely parties to attend, reuniting with friends and loved ones. And of course, it is a time for giving. It can be hard enough finding the perfect gift for your dearest and nearest, let alone all those people back at the office! And this is where the good old fashioned “Bran Tub” or “Secret Santa” come to play.

What is “Secret Santa”?

So, for example, twenty people are working with you in your department at work. Buying gifts for everyone can work out rather expensive, and also a nightmare as you have no idea about what all these people’s likes are. So instead, you all pull together and agree on a monetary value, say £20 and put your names into a hat, or bucket or whatever is handy at the time. Then you all draw a name. Then you just have to work out what gift to buy for that one person. Easy. Now, this is the crucial bit, It’s a secret. That person doesn’t know who is buying the present, and this is where the fun begins.

Research your person.

Precisely knowing what secret Santa gift to buy may come to you right away if It’s “Jenny”. Jenny works on the desk next to you. She also loves Dachshunds and shopping bags. But you didn’t pick Jeny. You have to buy for the new guy at the other end of the room. Have fun now, and try not to let the cat out of the bag.

Find the perfect secret Santa gifts on Etsy.

Now we know all about secret Santa I am going to share with you some great secret Santa Christmas holiday gift ideas. I have purposely picked these gifts to give you an idea on how you can choose a secret Santa gift with what little information you may have on the person you are buying for. Some of them are or can be personalised, which can be a bonus. 

Before I go any further, I must tell you that this Secret Santa Christmas Gift guide contains affiliate links to products and pages on Etsy’s website. I may earn a commission on any purchases made.

Personalised Baked with Love… Mixing bowl.

By Chalk and Cheese Gifts

Personalised secret sant gift guide mixing bowl

This one is for the avid baker in your workforce. You know, the person who brings Cake and pastries every Friday. Personalised with the baker’s name, this ceramic mixing bowl appears to be a good size. Height: 10.5 CM Width: 24.5 CMDepth: 24.5 CM

Chalk and Cheese Gifts make a range of personalised gifts including Kitching and cooking wear. Here are all their products on offer.

Custom Made Multicouled LED Gin Bar Sign.

by Belvedere Collections.

LED Gin bar lamp secret santa gift
LED Gin bar lamp secret santa gift
LED Gin bar lamp secret santa gift

Who do you know who loves a drop of gin? This very personal multicoloured bar lamp sets the perfect mood for enjoying a mix or two of your favourite gin and tonic.

BelvedereCollections have many personalised gifts including a whole range of LED lamps for all occasions in their Etsy shop.

There are many other Gin related items on Etsy, from glasses to gin boards and more. Here is a selection within the Secret Santa Gin Budget.

Dachshund Sausage dog shoulder bag.

By Flopseyboo

Dachshund bag

I tell you from experience here. If your Secret Santa project is a Daxi owner then they are just going to love something like this. And even more, If they happen to need a new bag then you are going to be their best friend for weeks. Even as they don’t know who you are. Shh, it’s a secret.

Flopseyboo makes a whole range of bags, many are dog and pet-related including several other Dachshund patterns. Find out more in their Etsy shop.

Personalised Cafetiere Coffee Pot.

By Cherish Us.

Personalised Cafetiere Coffee Pot. Secret Santa

The Cafetiere holds up to four cups and can be personalised with up to twenty-five characters. Ideal for any coffee connoisseur, or just someone who like their coffee a lot.

As well as lovely Cafetieres, Cherish Us have over five hundred personable items in their inventory,

Wheel shaped wine display rack.

By Geezy Store.

Wooden Tray & Wine Bottle Holder Display Storage Rack, Untreated Wood, Hand Made  without the bottles

Another boozy item, why not? A circler wine rack with a six-bottle capacity. Ideal for any wine lover. Especially those who can keep a bottle or two long enough to merit its use. It even has a handy tray on the top to keep your corkscrews and foil cutters and other knick-knacks.

wine wheel rack thumbnail with bottles.

Among a few other things, Geezy Store has another twenty different wine rack designs in their Etsy shop.

Monogrammed Leather Passport Cover & Wallet.

By Keep In Your Mind.

Initialled personalised passport cover and purse image 1 for secret Santa post.
passport wallet holder open
passport wallet displaying credit debit and bank card holder

Is your Secret Santa victim a seasoned traveller or planning a special trip that you know about? This could be right up their street. It includes four credit card slots and comes in a choice of over seventy colours.

Keep In Your Mind sell only leather including purses, bags, makeup pouches, notebook covers and desk pads to name just a few. All can be personalised. The choice is yours. Take a look inside their shop.

Natural Oak Desk Tidy.

By Wood Paper Scissors UK.

Natural Oak Desk Tidy by wood paper scissors uk on etsy for the secret Santa blog post

Have you drawn the person with the cluttered desk, who is always looking for his phone, and can never find the keys to the filing cabinet? If so, then this solid oak desk tidy would make the perfect gift for them.

Wood Paper Scissors UK make and sell a large variety of handcrafted wooden gifts. From kitchenware, tableware, to novelty items. If natural or wood is a theme for your Secret Santa project, then I would recommend that you take a look inside Wood Paper Scissors UK’s Etsy store.

Vegan Beauty Pamper Box.

By Boo Box Gifts.

Vegan & Cruelty Free Pamper Box, Vegan Beauty Box, Vegan Home Pamper Box, Cruelty Free Gift, Vegan Christmas gift, Vegan Birthday Gift secret santa 1
Vegan & Cruelty Free Pamper Box, Vegan Beauty Box, Vegan Home Pamper Box, Cruelty Free Gift, Vegan Christmas gift, Vegan Birthday Gift
BooBoxGifts pads

Just one of two Beauty Pamper Hamper gift sets by Boo Box Gifts. The set contains a variety of animal cruelty-free beauty products along with some vegan Chocolate and eco-friendly reusable pads.

Veganism is a lifestyle choice for many people for many good reasons. Choosing a gift like this for your vegan workmate will ensure that you give them a present that they can use. And I am sure they would appreciate the thought that you have put into choosing their secret Santa gift. Especially as they have not got a clue as to who sent it.

Of course, you may be vegan yourself. In this case, you may not want to spend your money on anything that goes against the vegan philosophy, even as a gift to someone who doesn’t follow your lifestyle and ethical values. Etsy is a great place to find vegan gift ideas that suit everyone. There are over six thousand vegan gifts listed on Etsy across the UK and Europe alone that are ready to dispatch in three days. All within the Secret Santa price range.

Boo Box Gifts have fifteen pamper and beauty sets to choose from including their two vegan versions.

Eco-Friendly Cotton Loofah Bath Stet.

By Cosy Cotes Eco.

Spa loofah, Crochet shower pouf, Crochet Washcloths Secret Santa Etsy

Each set contains one loofah and one washcloth, available in four colours. The colour choices are Blue, Bright Pink, Pale Pink, and Purple. They are handmade using eighty-five per cent recycled cotton.

Cosy Cotes Eco range also includes makeup pads, washcloths, dishcloths Soap savers and facial wipes. All environmentally friendly and reusable.

Triple Air plant hanging terrarium.

By Ivy Valley.

TRIPLE air plant hanging terrarium! 3 air plants glass terrarium with stand. Perfect for birthday, house warming, aniversary, any occasion

The hanging terrarium comes with everything you need to assemble and grow yourself. The kit includes glass terrarium, base stones, stand and three air plants. Air plants are very easy to care for, just spray with water once a week or so. Full instructions are also included.

This will be ideal for anyone who likes house plants. Also a great gift for someone who has recently moved, or set up a new home.

Ivy Valley has several terrarium designs and other air plant arrangements in their Etsy Shop.

This wraps up my Personal Secret Santa Gift Guide. I hope it has given you some inspiration and helps you choose the perfect secret Santa present for your unsuspecting work friend. All prices and gift availability are correct at time of publishing. However, these are all subject to change at any time.

Still looking for that perfect Christmas present? Etsy has a selection of their own special gift guides including Gifts for under £30. Personalised Gifts, and Gifts for pets and pet lovers.

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