The Handcrafted Zombie Experience.

Zombies are so cool, don’t you think so? I just love the way they chase people, very slowly. It amazes me how easily they can catch, mane, and then change their victims at such a sluggish pace. Just aminated corpses that move and make sounds of grunts and screeches. They stink of decay. Rotten flesh flaking away as they go on with the constant chore of being a zombie. They are not dead but also not alive.

The concept of the flesh-eating zombie is prevalent in modern day culture with some books and movies making their first appearance in the early half of the 20th century with “The Magic Island” a novel by W. B. Seabrook published in 1929, that later inspired the film “White Zombie” directed by Victor Halperin and starred Bela Lugosi as the leading actor in 1932. There have been many works since including one of the most excellent pop videos of all time, “Michael Jackson’s Thriller”, and Fox’s longest-running T.V. show, “The Walking Dead”.

The zombie and the zombie apocalypse have a cult following, and with that comes a need for expression in the form of arts and crafts. The need to create, for those with a talent and the need to acquire, for those who want.

So if you require a flesh-crazed zombie sculpture, dripping blood canvas hanging from your dining room wall or a living dead playtext cosplay outfit for your comic-com gathering, continue reading for total inspiration for what you can either make yourself or find someone to do it for you.

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The Handcrafted Zombie Experience.

This 15-centimetre tall Handmade Zombie Figurine is made from liquid plastic and acrylic.

He currently available here for £50.00

The Outsider.

The resin ghole was inspired by H.P Lovecraft’s short story “The Outsider.

Stands 9 centimetres in hight.

Currently available here for £40.00

The Zombie of 3:30am

by David Therrien.

20 by 16 Original acrylic painting on canvas.

Available here for £161.95

Dead Eye Dolls.

These woollen dolls are custom made and personalised to order.

Find out more here on the creators listing.

Zombie Resin Bust.

The resin cast comes unpainted so you can have the joy of painting it yourself. Alternately, you can chose not to paint it.

Full details of the product is found here.

Zombie Donald Trump.

Another liquid plastic piece of art by the artist as our first exhibit above.

You can order yours here.

 “Falling Apart, Purple Brain”

Zombie Painting, Acrylic painting on canvas.

More on this painting here

Nosher Zombie Silicone Mask.

This is a realistic zombie silicone mask named Nosher because he likes to eat continuously…

… more about nosher here on Etsy.


Painted pop art style zombie portrait.

More information here.

Zombie bust statue.

This zombie is cast from solid resin and mounted on a cast candlestick style base. Inspired by the walking dead and game of thrones…

more about the bust here.

Dying Light: Volatile Zombie Oil Painting.

This is an original oil painting available now on Etsy.

Batman Zombie.

More about the Batman Zombie here on Etsy.

Evil Dead 2.

A handmade resin bust of Deadite Ash inspired from The Evil Dead 2 film. 

Mored on this sculpture here.

Green Zombie.

Green zombie, barbie conversion.

Buy from stock or made to order.

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You can view all of the products in on place here.

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