10 Home based business ideas You could start right away.

In today’s article, I am going to talk to you about different home-based business ideas you could probably start today.


Has it been one of those days, when the alarm has woken you far too early? All you really want to do is to roll over and return to the land of slumber, to never return until a more reasonable time. After hitting the snooze button twice, you are now in a panic. You have hardly enough time to take a shower, let alone grab a cup of tea and a bowl of Kellogg’s Frosties.

On the long commute to the one place on earth that you do not want to go right now. Work! That place where you spend nine hours of your life every day. Nine hours that you will never get back, spent building on someone else’s dream.

Yes, working for a business (or organisation) does have its advantages. knowing when your next paycheck is coming, being the top one. However, working for other people can at times become mundane, boring, and just feels like your soul is being sucked from you by a flock of “Dementors”. Especially, if you are feeling used or underappreciated. Do you think it is time to start your very own home-based business? Well, you are reading this article, so the answer is probably, yes.

So if you are looking for a way to get out of a rut, or just looking into making some extra cash, these home-based business ideas could be right up your street.

Even if these ideas are not quite for you, I hope that they will give you some inspiration in the quest for a home-based business that suits you.

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My 10 home based business ideas.

1 Online Marketplace Selling.

"Etsy" and "Not On The Highstreet" are good online marketplaces for handcrafted items. home based business idea

Selling things online via websites like Ebay and Amazon is a very popular way to sell, or begin to sell, goods and even services online. The main advantage of a popular online marketplace platform is that the customer base, depending on your niche, may already exist.

This can be hard work. Sourcing products, keeping stock, packing and shipping etc. But you are your own boss.

Amazon has a fulfilment service where you just list your goods, pack them into a box and ship to Amazon. They will pack and ship your items to your custermers for you.

If you have a passion for selling or sales is already your thing, then this could be the home based business for you.

If you like making things, art, craft, Jewellery? You could turn a hobby into a money spinner.

“Etsy” and “Not On The Highstreet” are good online marketplaces for handcrafted items.

2 E-Commerce website.

sell products online feature image image

Just like using an online marketplace platform, an E-commerce website is a great way to run a home based business selling goods and services.

The setup and running costs for e-commerce is very low. There are a number of ways you can build a website with e-commerce functionality

Many website building platforms provide e-commerce sites. Wix and Weebly being two. These kinds of sites offer the service at a premium and could be costly as you are starting out.

The most cost-effective way to build an e-commerce website is using an opensource software called WordPress. The software is free. The only cost you involved is a hosting package for around £7 a month and a domain name registration at a cost between £7 and £15 a year. Domain names are usually free for the first year when taken out with your first years hosting. 

Find out more on how to build an e-commerce website in my articles Sell products online with WordPress & Woocommerce and Build a website for next to nothing with WordPress.

Another way to sell things online I will mention here, but DO NOT recommend is a platform called “Shopify”

Shopify sells its self as an e-commerce platform that provides retailers with an e-e-commerce website of their own. In reality, they charge transaction fees for every transaction on top of your monthly subscription. This makes them more of an online marketplace like eBay and Etsy.

3 Starting a blog.

Starting a blog could be a idea for a home based business

Yes, that’s right. If there is a niche subject that you are passionate about, then others are probably just as passionate about the same subject.

You can blog about almost anything. A hobby or pastime you enjoy regularly. It could be cooking, baking or even fishing. You have probably guessed by now that I am a blogger, and you are reading a post/article on one of my blogs.

How can a blog make you money?

I started my first blog as a way to help my logo design service website (this one) to reach top results in google a search engines work on relevant content when returning results.  I now make as much revenue from my blogs than I do from the logo design service.

There are a few ways you can make money with your blog.

 Affiliate marketing.

This is where you sell something for someone else for a commission.

This can be achieved by talking about a product or service that is related to your blog or posts and including a special link. 

The article could be all about that one product or service.

There are many affiliate programs out there that you can sign up to. Amazon’s associate program being one I use most.

The key to good affiliate marketing blogging is openness. It is also a requirement by some programmes (Amazon included). Be upfront to your readers. Se my “Affiliate Disclosure” box at the top of this page.


There are a few internet ad schemes around. The most famous being Google’s “Adsense“.

Basically, you just paste some code into the webpage where you want the ad to show. Simples.

Blog flipping.

If blogging becomes something you enjoy and become good at, then blog flipping could be a great way to monetize a blog and could be the home based business for you.

You have heard of “House Flipping” right. Well, blog flipping is basically the same. You start a blog and work on it for a few months until it has enough quality traffic and followers to start earning a good income for your investment. You can then sell it on for a premium. 

You can use a specialist online marketplace such as flipper.com to flip your blog.

4 Selling photographs online.

Dogs Plying: Curtsy of Shutterstock
Dogs Plying: Curtsy of ShutterStock.

This may already be a hobby of yours. If not it isn’t hard to get into. All you need to get started is a good digital camera. Here is a hint, that expensive device you are reading this on probably has a good enough camera built in.

There are “online marketplaces” dedicated to selling photos and other forms of digital imagery. “Shutterstock” and “Dreamstime” being two that come to mind.

They do have a strict application process. So be sure to send them only your best portfolio when signing up. 

You can also sell your photos on regular online marketplaces such as Ebay and Etsy.

In addition to online marketplaces to sell your photographs, it would be a good idea to set up your own portfolio website. Again you will find details on setting up a WordPress website in my post Build a website for next to nothing with WordPress. Then once set up you can find a good portfolio theme in the WordPress.org repository and all the plugins to enable you to sell digital downloads directly from your own website.

If you love taking photos this could be a great home based business for you to get into.

 5 Logo Designer.

logo designs by logo mojo uk
Her are some I made earlia.

I am a logo designer as well as a professional blogger. You can read the story on how I become a logo designer and blogger on my about page.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a full-fledged “graphic designer” although I am happy to create a flyer or poster etc when requested. I mainly concentrate on logo design. It keeps it simple.

You will need some software and a willingness to teach your self how to use it. Remember, Google is your friend when it comes to learning new stuff.

Now don’t go signing up for Adobe Illustrator. It has a very large learning curve, difficult to learn and has far too many bells and whistles that you will not ever use for simple logo design. And with a monthly subscription of £20.00 a month is very poor value for money.

The key thing to remember here is vector graphics. As long as you have this capability then you are good to go.

Good design software packages to look at are “Graphic” and “Affinity” with a one-time price of £29.99 and £48.99 respectively. “Inscape” is a FREE opensource package that is on par with Adobe Illustrator. Worth a try as its free but not as easy and quick to learn as the other two.

You can sell your logo design services on your own website, on freelance marketplaces like fivesquid.com. I get a lot of logo business from eBay. I also list on Etsy.

6 Home dog boarding.

Home dog boarding is a great way to start a new home based business.

Are you a dog lover? I have five of them myself. And six when the grandkids go on holidays. If you keep a dog or two then maybe one or two more wouldn’t be too much for you and the family.

PetBnB is becoming a fast trend where loving owners not wishing to leave their beloved pets in regular boarding kennels, preferring a family home environment instead.

Think about it, two guest pooches spending 7 nights at £25 a night. Not bad as a secondary household income.

And they will probably bring their own food. All you have to do is feed them, take them for walks and love them lots. What’s not good?

7 Pet Sitting.

Pet sitting in the owners own home is a cool home based business.

Not quite a home based business, but still working at a home.

As with home pet boarding, this service is often preferable to a lot of pet lovers. This time though you are looking after the animals in their own environment.

This could be anything from an hour or two to keep the animals’ company while the owner is out at work or shopping living in the clients home.

8 Bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping is a task yu can use as a home based business.

Do you like to crunch numbers and help others organise their business finance. This could be something you already do as an employee, or something you could learn.

Who needs an office? You can just as early meet with clients at your home, at their home. Evan in the pub, if that’s what they wish and they don’t mind buying you lunch.

The truth is you don’t even have to meet up. With superfast broadband now the norm, everything can be done on the interweb. You can collect or your client’s data and receipts via email, or file sharing. Google drive is good for that. If you need a face to face conference there is Messenger Skype and Facetime, and not forgetting the good old telephone.

9 Personal trainer.

Become a Personal trainer.

Maybe sports and fitness is your thing? If you have enough experience in everything physical and like helping others achieve their goals then this home based business idea could in the running.

All you need is a Level 2 Diploma in Instructing Exercise and Fitness or similar. Can’t be hard, right? Ask at your local college or the Open University for available courses. 

10 Virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant can be any thing you want it to be. Use your skills to help you kickstart your home based business.

What is a virtual assistant?

That is a good question. A virtual assistant is someone that offers there services remotely to busy business folk. It can cover a multitude of sins

For example, someone needs an article written for their business website. They either do not have the time or the inclination to do it themselves. This is where you come in, as your research and copywriting skills are phenomenal, right?

It docent have to be copywriting. Just take a look at your C.V. Make sure it is up to date and lists all of your skills. Now make a list of all the tasks you can do and the services you can provide with your current skills. For inspiration take a look at some listings on some freelance sites like fivesquid.com and people per hour.

My logo design service is often taken up by other designers who have a heavy workload. It is common practice for a designer to work on one concept while sourcing out to other freelancers. I don’t mind. At the end of the day, a sale is a sale, isn’t it?

Some other things a virtual assistant can do.

  • Email management.
  • preparing a slideshow for a presentation.
  • Social media tasks. Including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Website management.
  • Book cover design.
  • Booking appointments.
  • Chasing leads.
  • Web design tasks.
  • Fact-finding.
  • Letter writing.
  • Event planning.

Infect, any task can be outsourced.

“If you have a problem that needs a solution, then you to can hire the A-Team”.

That’s you. You can be the “A-Team” or the “Ace Freelancer”. Well worth a thought, isn’t it”?

And finally.

This list of home-based business ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. I hope it has given you some food for thought.

This article is open to comments. Please feel free to add to the conversation below.

Do you already run a home-based business? Or do you have some home-based business ideas that you have either tried or just thought of? Your comments are really appreciated.

And in the words of Kermit the Frog in Sesame Street style:

This article has been brought to you by the words “home-based business” and the number “10“.

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