Ryan Louder, the emotionalist painter.

And now for something completely different.

So far I have concentrated my blog articles on graphic design, logo design, WordPress and all things relating to small business. But today, In my quest for future post material I have accidentally stumbled on something quite stunning. The artistic work of Ryan Louder. Is this a little offbeat or a completely new direction? Who knows?

Who is Ryan Louder?

Ryan Louder is well known in the music industry as a platinum music producer and songwriter. But today I am going to talk about Ryan Louder’s artwork. Let me rephrase that. I am going to show you the paintings and prints created by Ryan Lounder.

Painting in style.

Now, I am not (yet) an expert on art. With my wonky vision and a lack of dexterity, I strongly rely on my digital tools in my day job as a logo designer. But I do know what I like when it comes to eye-popping oil paintings.

I would say that Ryan paints in a unilateral impressionistic manner. Not unlike Vincent Van Gogh and at the same time totally unprecedented with a style of his own, painting in such a fashion that gives the onlooker a sense of the emotions that appear to radiate from the artist’s subjects. I would call him an “emotionalist“, but I am not sure if that is yet a real word, let alone a known style of painting.

Ryan Louder’s personal perception on his work.

“My artistic work has always been about one thing; capturing emotion. I find myself often more interested in capturing the internal essence of my subject rather than purely their shape or form. In direct conflict with this is my natural disposition to make all work autobiographical. The subject mutates into the deeper reaches of my subconscious.”

Ryan Louder.

So without any hesitation, here are the artistic works created by Ryan Louder the emotionalist painter​.

 Modern Portrait of a Woman 16×22

Moden portrait of a woman by Ryan Louder

This is the piece that first drew my attention to Ryan Louder. I was looking for something pink and artistic as an inspiration for a project I am working on. Then out of the blue (not the pink), this image just jumped up from nowhere and slapped me in the proverbial face. Magic!

Just look at her glazing stare. Is she feeling sorrow from some bad news or just downright anger?

Find out more.

Bob Marley 9×12 

Bob Marley by  Ryan Louder.

Well, what can I say? Our Bob is so happy here. What do you think he is singing? I put my money on “Don’t worry, about a thing. Because every little thing is going to be all right.

I recognised this character right away before reading any headings. Did you?

Get your very own version of this “happy” Bob Marley portrait right here.

PURPLE Portrait 5×7

Purple portrait by Ryan Louder.

Is purple your colour? Or may be something a little brighter?

Find this painting and others like it here.

Einstein – Oil On Paper.

Einstein Painting 9×12

I just love Ryan Louder’s impression of the greatest mind of all time. It kind of portray‘s our” great uncle” Albert Einstein as happy Grandad without taking away the much loved “Nutty Professor” appearance we are all familiar with.

Find out how to get your own piece of uncle Albert!

Street View.

Portrait Of A Woman 9×12

Portrait of a woman by Ryan Louder

“My, what big eyes you have?

I am sure this young lady is being wowed! by the company, she is in. Maybe she is on a first date?

Now I have got you wondering. Want to be in the same room as her? Then pop over here to find out about owning your very own portrait of a woman.

Another PURPLE Portrait 15×15

PURPLE Portrait 15x15 1:1 - Purple Art, Purple Wall Art, Purple Painting, Purple Picture, Purple Print, Purple Interiors

Ryan Louder sure loves the colour purple, although there is a strong presence of red in this wonderful study. 

A self portrait I think? Get your own copy here.

The Glaze.

Portrait Of A Girl In Red 9X12 

Portrait Of A Girl In Red 9X12 by Ryan Louder

Again, lovely big eyes. Said to be portals of the sole, you will have to be very careful not to full into these ones.

Find out more on  Amazon.

The Concerned Son.

Painting Of Boy 5×7

Painting Of Boy 5x7 by Ryan Louder

Who has been a bad boy?

Find out more.

Talking Her Way Out Of Bed Time.

Pink Picture Of Girl 5×7

Talking Her Way Out Of Bed Time By Ryan Louder

The title says it all really.

What Seemed Impossible.

BLUE Abstract 16×20

What Seemed Impossible. by Ryan Louder.

So what does seem imposible? Could this be an apparition of a lost loved one? Oh! Very spooky picture. 

People Of London 10

Portrait Of A Woman 5×7

Portrait of London 10 Ryan Louder.

Blonde Woman Portrait 16×20.

There is defiantly a sense of elegance going on in this image, with a touch of gangster rap thrown in for good measure. I feel a touch of Ryan’s musical side escaping into this piece of art.

To conclude.

I must now bring my short Ryan Louder art exhibition to a close. However, there are more exhibits to be seen over on Rayon’s  Amazon Handmade page.

As always, if you have something to add or say, just place your comment at the foot of this page. I will get back to all of you.

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