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Cookies and privacy statement.


What are cookies?

Under some rules, known as, G.D.R.P. I am under obligation to tell you all I know about Cookies, which is very limited.

Cookies are computer text files that are placed on your internet browser when you visit a website like this one. They have all kinds of purposes to help websites function the way they do. Like, help you to remember passwords and to remember what you put into your shopping cart.

This website, Mojo’s Collections, is built with software called WordPress. You can find more about the cookies used by the software here.

Third party cookies.

This site is funded by affiliate marketing and advertising.

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See here for more information on how Adsense uses cookies.

This site contains links to other websites that use their own cookies and have separate policies or statements in place.

If you do not wish to accept cookies you can change this within your devises browser settings.

Privacy of your personal information.

The only information we collect from you on this website is your email address. This is only required if you wish to leave a comment or reply to one or more of our articles.

You will only receive an email notification when an article you have signed to is updated or when further comments and replies are added to the said article.