Larger than life Sculptures by Tom Samui.

The artist, Tom Samui upcycles scrap parts from Cars and motorcycles and makes these beautiful ginormous sculptures.

Tom and his colleagues have developed their talents over the last decade.

About once a month they collect a truckload of bits and bobs (mainly car parts) from the local scrap merchants junkyards.

Every piece is cleaned and sorted by it’s kind. Everything is kept and used. Before use, the upcycled parts are given an anti-rust treatment.

The Size of Tom’s artwork ranges from one to 10 meters high. According to his Facebook bio, Tom can work on almost anything. Just give him a photo, a drawing, a model or just an idea, and he can probably make it work.

Dragon 5m / 16 feet Larger than life Sculptures by Tom Samui

This Dragon is Ten meters high.

Gargoyle 80cm 

In reflection, this little cute looking Gargoyle stands at a mear eighty centimetres.

Ferrari Enzo Life 1

A life size scupture model of a Ferrari Enzo.


Just forty centimetres and named Funny Dragon.

This proud looking lion is one point two meters as he sits.

Poseidon, God of the Sea, is four meters.

King Kong 20ft 6.5 meters sculpture

King Kong is a staggering Six and a half meters. That’s twenty feet if feet are your thing. Talking about feet, I wonder what is Shoe size is?

Elefant - Life Size - MADE FROM CAR AND MOTORCYCLE PARTS. Larger than life Sculptures by Tom Samui

A life-size elephant.

A very tall giraffe.

Hope you have enjoyed this little exhibition of some of Tom Samui’s work. Please, if you have anything to say. Or add, or want to join in with the conversation, you can add your comments to the bottom of this post.

All of the information and images used in this article are curtsey of @TomSamuiSculpture  Facebook Page where you can find all of these great examples and more.

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