How Etsy make a difference to global warming.

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Ninety-Eight per cent of Etsy’s greenhouse emissions come from the items shipped by their sellers. I have created this article to share my views on this bold decision that Etsy has made.

In today’s want it now culture we have become used to shopping with our fingers, in the comfort of our living rooms. With a click of a button or a tap on a screen, you can expect your latest purchase to arrive on your doorstep the next day, or even sooner. This is very good for us as consumers. We can make more with our time doing other things without having to trape’s around endless rows of shops searching for something we may never find.

But what about the effects this has on the environment. All those trucks, aeroplanes, and ships chugging around the world burning barrels and barrels of fossil fuels and pumping ton upon ton of carbon dioxide and other gases that have a proven devastating effect on our very existence on this planet we call Earth.

Last month in the U.K. was the hottest February on record with temperatures of 21.2C (70.2F). Temperatures that we used to have in june. Our summers have been getting hotter to. Last year, here in North West Norfolk the weather station was reporting temperatures of up to 38.9C.

There is only one planet earth, and it is the responsibility, of every single one of us to look after it. If not for our own sakes, then for our children’s, and their children’s.

Although Etsy has, admittedly, no control over the shipping decisions made by its sellers and buyers, they do recognize that they do have a responsibility for the carbon footprint created by the business they generate and profit from.

How can Etsy make a difference?

Last month Etsy announced that they are now going to offset the carbon footprint created by the shipping of all Etsy purchases by 100%

This is achieved by reinvesting the profits they make from sellers fees into projects like renewable cleaner energy such as wind farms and solar farms, as well as other renewables such as planting forests. As well as using trees for renewable products such as paper and wood, trees also release oxygen back into the atmosphere. The aim is to replace the damage caused by the the bad emissions and environmental damage caused by shipping Etsy purchases.

This goal is definitely achievable with the right investment and strategies in place. In the U.K. last year 15% of electricity was wind generated, with the use of just under ten thousand wind turbines in use across offshore and onshore wind farms and it overtook nuclear energy by 18%.

Is this enough?

Etsy have made a big leap by offsetting carbon emissions and hopefully they have set a precedent for all the other big fish, and not just online marketplaces to do more.

We must not forget though, that the real problem here is the production of carbon emissions in the first place. Until these can be reduced to near zero, and the sooner the better, the world is just going to get hotter and hotter every year.

What can Etsy buyers and sellers do to make a difference?

So, Etsy are doing all in their power to offset carbon emissions. What can you do to reduce your own carbon drop in the ocean? Well you can look at your current arrangements an see if anything can be changed. Is your packaging made from renewables and from a sustainable source? What is your chosen courier doing about its own carbon footprint? What can you change?

To Conclude.

Global warming is a real issue and everything should be done to slow it down and reverse it. It should never be swept under the carpet and forgotten. Etsy have made a great difference with their decision to offset carbon emissions. The announcement on its own sends out a strong message to the global warming denial squad.

Hope you have found this article both enjoyable and interesting. As always the post is open to comments. You can add your’s at the bottom of this page.

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