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Handmade steampunk fashion for her.

In this article, I am going to share some of the nicest pieces of “steampunk fashion for her”, that is currently available to order from online marketplaces like Amazon-Handmade and Etsy.

What is steampunk fashion?

Steampunk itself is a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy literature. It is a mixture of Victorian style, culture, and old technology along with more modern technology. Some might say, it is how things could have looked if the future happened sooner.

Steampunk fashion follows the trends from this partially make-believe era, with the occasional newer addition.

Very seldom, you would find “off the peg” steampunk fashion. You would would usually need to design and make your own outfits, or, have them made for you. Hence, this article.

Please note. I only shear products that I generally like.  As an “Amazon Associate” I am obliged to disclose that some links from this article will take you to our affiliate partners websites, where I may earn a small comission for qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support.

Steampunk fashion for her.

Victorian/Edwardian Ladies Jacket.

Victorian/Edwardian Ladies Jacket 1

From the product listing.

‘This Victorian style Ladies Jacket is based on a street jacket design from the 1880’s but would be perfect as a riding habit or contemporary Steampunk outfit. The jacket comes with a fake front waistcoat (which was very popular in the late 19th Century) and so is designed to be worn open to show off the closed waistcoat or vest. Wear with your Victorian corset and undergarments to perfect the silhouette and complete the look. We can also make matching skirts to complement this jacket and vest.”

Bohemian Gaia smock dress.

Boho Gaia smock dress 1

From the sellers description.

“This lovely smock dress is made from fine quality cotton pin corduroy. It is sleeveless with a v-neck with buttons and has lovely deep pockets.  It has a soft cotton voile lining which has been hand felted onto with wool using the Nuno felting wet felt technique where the wool blends into the cotton, giving the effect of showing the layer of felt edging underneath the cord dress.”

Ladies ceremonial hussar jacket.

Ladies ceremonial hussar jacket.

From the product listing.

This is a beautiful welltailored women’s heavy cotton Hussar jacket in Mustard colour with Dark Brown Piping contrast with Gold braiding at front, back and cuff of sleeves details. This jacket is fully lined and has polished brass metal fasteners.

Victorian style corset.

From the product listing.

This corset made ​​of cotton with floral motifs is embellished with guipure, pearls and sequins.
Satin lining. Armed with steel rods. Busk front closure system. Back closure with silver lace eyelets.

Not a conclusion.

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