Handmade steampunk art and craft works you must have.

In this article, I’m going to show you some terrific handmade steampunk art and craft. All the featured products are by some of the amazing artists who make to order on internet market sites like Etsy and Amazon Handmade. If you are a fan of steampunk or looking for the perfect gift for a steampunk enthusiast then hopefully I have included the handmade steampunk art and craft work you are looking for.

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What is Steampunk?

The term steampunk first arrived to the English vocabulary the nineteen eighties. It was intended to describe a style of science fiction and fantasy writing, where technology and style of fashion remain stuck in the nineteenth century. The Victorian era. The days of steam-powered machinery, hot air balloons and clockwork clocks and watches.

Steampunk was intended as a pun based on the term Cyberpunk. Cyberpunk, also describes a style of Sci-Fi that usually depict a lawless society that is ruled and undertrading by machines.

Steampunk in art and fashion.

But Steampunk is more than a form of literacy. It has also loaned its name to Art, in the forms of painting, photography and sculpture. And it is a top name in handmade fashion. Steampunk fashion combines the clothing styles from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It fuses elements from the technology from the Victorian steampunk era. Like decorating a hat with wheels, cogs, and geares.

Up-cycle is the clockwork key.

The steampunk style is a great way to make use of any outdated olde worlde artifacts that are laying around in a broken, non-working, or unloved condition.

Handmade steampunk art and craft work.

From decorative items for the home to the echo friendly fashion conscious retro hippies, this “handmade Steampunk art and craft work” Mojo Collection has something for you.

Tricorn Pirates Hat.

How about this lovely piece of headgear as my first example of handmade steampunk art and craft. Each one is unique and made to your exact requirements.

The origanle aviation goggles.

Apart from looking quite cool and trendy in the steampunk universe, a pair of handcrafted goggles can be very practical.

Hand Crafted Industrial Table Lamp With Rheostat Feature.

Complete with rheostat feature.

This energy saving table lamp gives the impression that it is actually generating it’s very own power via all the coils and glass valves.

Each lamp made is unique to each other. Made to order with not one lamp being the same.

Industrial wire cage wall lighting.

Industrial wire cage wall lighting. handmade steampunk art and craft.

These wall lamps are fashioned from industrial pipes and will look great in my conservatry.

And they come either with or without the wire cage.

Dragonfly Pendant Necklace.

Steampunk dragon fly pendent, Featuring an antique nautical compass.

The steampunk image is set into a handcrafted bronze setting and covered with a crystal clear glass dome. The chain is 61 centimeters in length.

Handmade Art Scarab Beetle Earrings.

Handmade Steampunk Art Scarab Beetle Earrings.

These steampunk bug earrings include rhinestone jewels for the eyes and bronze wires.

Six piece army officers ceremonial uniform jacket.

This jacket is complete with five accessories. A full-length shoulder rope, gold knotted shoulder boards with fringes, five rows of steampunk medals with back Pin, Gold filigree on peak military cap, brass Goggles with adjustable band and Red lens inserts.

All of the accessories can also be purchased separately.

Zombie eye walking dead Leather wallet.

Zombie walking Leather wallet steampunk era. Art and crafts.

This Steampunk wallet is so creepy you will be told to, “Put it back in your pocket, I’ll get this one”, and you will never have to pay for a round of drinks again.

Space-time owl wall art.

This little steampunk character fly’s through the fourth dimension carrying the key of time.

This little steampunk character fly's through the fourth dimension carrying the key of time.

leather notebook cover.

Handmade steampunk art and craft leather notebook cover.

This handcrafted notebook cover has been engaged in steampunk machinery design and embellished with brass fittings.

Handmade steampunk art and craft leather notebook cover open in use.

Heart Necklace.

Steampunk Heart Necklace

Up-cycling in its full glory. This heart-shaped pendant contains real each parts set in a crystal clear resin. It comes with a choice of silver plated chain lenghs.

Handmade cog boots.

steampunk cog gear wheel boots

Ladies brown steampunk boots decorated with carefully placed cogs and rivets.

steampunk cog gear wheel boots close up

This concludes my collection of handmade steampunk art and craft work. Hope you enjoyed viewing it as much as I have enjoyed making it.

If there is anything you would like me to include or add to the collection just leave a comment below and I will be happy to include it, subject to review ofcourse.

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  1. I would love to see something about steampunk gauntlets, bracers, and fixtures for the torso/shoulders.

    1. So would I, and I have. We will definitely include some in future posts over the new year. Even better, a dedicated article on the whole subject fixings and fake prosthetics.

      Any ideas and suggestions welcome from anyone.

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