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Do you like having your say, voicing your opinion, and talking about how you feel about things in life in general? Do you have views on current news affairs, the products you buy and services you use? Do you believe that your opinion is worth something? YouGov UK does. Join their online community and you will earn real money just for sharing your honest opinions while filling out a paid online survey.

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Who are YouGov UK?

YouGov UK is one of the largest opinion poll providers around. It has “ six million members” on it’s panel, with one point two million members in the uk alone. They create surveys and collect market research for all kinds of clientele, from leading government bodies and corporate businesses, to the media and non profit organisations.

How do organisation benefit from a paid online survey?

Information is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to the public’s true opinions. What you think, and your attitude to things and life, in general, is very valuable indeed. As when presented as part of a collection. As in the case of a survey or opinion poll.

Your answers will help:

  • Businesses crate products that will sell and actually be useful.
  • Governing bodies plan for the future.
  • Provide media agencies with up to date and relevant  public opinion.
  • Non profits to get the most from their resources.

The list of paid online survey benefits is endless.

Making use of the information collected fro your paid online survey.
Making use  of the data collected from a paid online survey.

What can I earn?

Each paid online survey you complete will add points to your YouGov UK  account. Depending on the length and priority of the survey, you could earn between 50p and £3.00 per survey. The most common ones being 50p for a five to fifteen minute paid online survey. That averages out at £3.00 per hour. Not exactly the living wage, but as you can take part in most paid online surveys during a coffee break, or when relaxing at home watching T.V. it could be considered money for nothing.

You will get 200 points (£2.00) on signing up to get you going and the initial questionnaires about yourself will also earn you points.

Refer a frriend and earn even more.

Once you have signed up to YouGov UK  you will find a special link that is unique to you. You can share your special link with your friends on Facebook and twitter and Pinterest and any other platform you might be using. If any of your friends sign up from your special link you will get 400 points once they have completed 6 surveys. Thats £4.00 per friend. How many stay at home mums or unaversaty students do you personly know who could do with a little extra cash. 

Payment Threshold.

The payment threshold may appear a little on the high side at £50.00, but this can be achieved over six weeks. I can personally vouch for that.

Getting paid.

As soon as you have reached the payment threshold you can request the money and have it paid directly into your bank account.

The initial profile survey.

It is very important that you are as honest and as open as possible with all of your answers. The surveys you are sent are based on this information and will be more relevant to you and will save you wasting time in non-qualifying surveys being sent to you.

Unlike most other paid online survey providers, YouGov UK conducts most of the surveys themselves so are able to accurately send them out to members with the right profiles to ensure that all demographic requirements are met. This is what gives YouGov UK the edge over other paid online survey websites. Believe me, I have tried out other sites that send you a questionnaire asking the same questions then told you didn’t qualify for the survey. That doesn’t happen on YouGov UK.

YouGov UK Members of the general public tat take paid online surveys.
Members of the general public tat take paid online surveys.

How often will I receive a paid online survey?

Again, this all depends on what is available and what matches your profile at any given time. Speaking from personal experience, I have received three on one day. Then at other times just one a week.

How easy and interesting are the paid online surveys?

On the whole, very easy, with the odd exception, all the questions are multiple choice and some may include videos and games.

Compared with my experience of other paid online survey sites, the surveys you receive from YouGov UK are matched to your profile and often discuss things you already have an interest in.

Where can I sign up to YouGov UK Paid online surveys?

You can use any link to YouGov UK from this page, and I have included a sign-up button below. I may receive bonus points added to my own account but wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t believe in them myself.

YouGov UK

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I have tried several paid online survey websites and so far You Gov UK ticks all my boxes. I hope you have found this article relevant. If you have any questions or would like to join in th conversation please add your comments to the box at the bottom.

Good luck with your quest in trying out paid online surveys.

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