Brass steampunk goggles handmade.

About Mojo’s Collections.

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What is Mojo’s Collections?

Mojo’s Collections is a collection of the quirky and fun things you can find on the internet. The kind of stuff you will find here are most often handmade. They may be sold by marketplace shop owners operating using platforms like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon Handmade.

Mojo’s Collections started out on Facebook, reaching out to groups and niche’s with stunning linked images from the selling platforms mentioned above.

Rather than using Social media to support a blog, this blog is a support platform for our social media influence. 

Why social media? Because that’s where all the people hang out these days.

What do we post?

We love anything loud, bold, or super special. Anything goes really. Well, within reason, this is a family show. Basically, if it’s eye-catching, on the internet, and preferably available for sale then it could well get on Mojo’s Collections.

If one or more of your items are displayed across the Mojo’s Collections network, then congratulations. We have already found you.

If you are making and selling your own handmade products that you feel deserve a place on Mojo’s Collections, you can apply using the form below. The application process is totally free, and we do not charge a penny for showcasing your handmade products.

How is “Mojo’s Collections” funded?

As well as some advertising, “Mojo’s Collections” publisher “John Watkins” belongs to several affiliate programs and earns small percentage of qualifying sales. When a reader clicks through a link to one of our partner’s sites and decides to make a purchase, then we get our reward.

Share your own handmade items with Mojo’s Collections.

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You can sign up to become an Etsy seller here & here for Amazon Handmade.